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Video and Music Generators Video Code Generator &
Music Code Generator
As long as you have a valid URL to any Video or Music file, you can use this generator to create the code necessary to put it on your profile!
Contact Table Creator Contact Table Creator
Do you want a sparkly new contact table, but lack the graphical skills necessary? Well then this generator is here to help! Select your text, icons, background colours/image and more, for stunning results evertime!
Extended Network Banner Creator Extended Network Banner Creator
Do you want to replace your 'XXXX is in your extended network' with an image, but have absolutely no graphic skills? Then this is for you! Simply choose a banner, punch in your text, color and font properties, and your banner will be dynamically generated for you, and the code to put it on your profile!
Comment Box Generator Comment Box Generator
Give your friends the option to post you a comment quickly and easily with this comment box generator. Input your details and the rest is done for you! Soon you'll be flooded by comments!
Hiding Stuff Generator Hiding Stuff Generator
There are lots of different sections on your profile. Some you want, others you don't! Use this generator to get all the codes needed for hiding every last little bit of your profile!
Scrolling Box Generator Scrolling Box Generator
If you can point and click, you can create your own scroll-box. A unique way of displaying content, a scroll-box will bring style and class to your page. Simply choose your styles and colours, and away you go!
Additional Content Tables Additional Content Tables
Your profile is limited to where you can put content. You've either got the 'About Me' section, or the 'Who I'd Like To Meet' section. Well now you haven't! Use this generator to create the code needed to add additional content tables to your profile, for use with whatever you like! Even a comment box!
Additional Interest Tables Additional Interest Tables
General, Music, Movies, Televsion, Heroes.... Not really much choice there! Well fear not, as with this generator you can add any named interest section you like! Want a section for 'Hobbies'? Well now you can! Or perhaps one for 'Animals'? The choice is yours!
Content Creator Content Creator
Colours, fonts, sizes, justification, images, links and more are all easily done with this cool What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get content editor. Try it on your profile, or even your friend's comments!
Marquee Generator
Want scrolling text and images, but can't quite understand how to do it? Well then use this generator to create a marquee with ease!
Glowing Text Generator Glowing Text Generator
IE 5.5+ ONLY!

Give your content some extra flair by making it glow!
Glitter/Funky Text Generator Glitter/Funky Text Generator
Leave a sparkly comment for your friends, or just glam up your profile with this collection of sparkling, glittering, and funky texts for your profile!
Falling Symbols Generator Raining Symbols Generator
Have you seen those profiles with the cool hearts raining from the top of them? Well now you can get the same! Not just hearts though, anything you like! Text, symbols, and even images!
Image Filter Generator Image Filter Generator
IE 5.5+ ONLY!
Give your images a little bit extra with this generator. Now you can apply cool filters to all the images on your page. Want black and white, see-through, engraved/embossed, wavy or blurry images? No problem!
Overlapping Text Generator Overlapping Text Generator
This style of text is all the rage at the moment, and now you can do it to! Another simple to use generator, to create the effect you want!
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