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Mystic Descent
Creator: veritas681 | Added: 30th March 2010
This is a pretty clean layout. The background is a fractal I pulled off deviantART. I color-schemed the fonts in blues and purples to match the background. The fonts used include Georgia, Trebuchet MS, and Lucida Console. Opacity is set to 70%. (If you find the brighter parts of the background interfering with your profile, I suggest tweaking the code to 80%.) Picture links invert colors. Text links are the same color as the body text until hovered, and then they highlight to the blue used in the header texts. The mouse cursor is a crosshair by default. When it's hovering on a link, it turns to "move." This layout views best in a 1280x1064 resolution or lower.

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Creator: Scarlettex | Added: 7th December 2009
gray background with silver and black headphones surrounded by orange green pink and blue

Red Sunset
Creator: yurgrceisenough | Added: 28th January 2006
It is a red sunset, enough said.

Blue Eyes and Aliens
Creator: Darc_arbiter | Added: 6th August 2006
Another simple profile, still artistic though.

Creator: yurgrceisenough | Added: 8th August 2006
It's an old OLD NAVY shirt and a cross, enough said.

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Simple Nature
Creator: sdrakeness | Added: 8th August 2009
Golds, blues, and greens contrast in a simple, beautiful scene from nature. Softened with transparency. Flipped profile.

Deco Flare
Creator: veritas681 | Added: 24th June 2009
The layout features a fractal I found on deviantART. The fractal itself had an Art Deco feel, and so I based the theme around that. The text colors compliment those in the fractal, but are still reletively ordered with a soft green and deep blue-violet on one side and a cheery yellow and muted magenta on the other. The primary fonts are Trebuchet MS and Bood Antiqua, though there are some minor bits that are in Courier New.

I made the tables 80% opacity so as to accomodate show-casing of the background while not taking away from the text and user pics displayed in the profile. As the primary background color is black, I colored the tables black and made the text white.

Text links are grey and highlight white when moused over, and image links are standard and highlight with color-inversion when moused over. The mouse cursor itself is "Precision" and becomes "Move" when it is resting on a link.

Girls Pink skulls
Creator: mstattitude | Added: 7th June 2009
Nice layout of skulls with pink flowers in the background..if you use mylayouts please let me no, it helps me no what you guys like so I can keep makin more...enjoy!!!

Creator: PaigeWood70 | Added: 28th May 2009
A layout based on the Sin, Vanity.

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Blue Fairy
Creator: lady28822000 | Added: 8th May 2006
Nice color blend, pretty blue fairy pick with black background.

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