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Blue Eyes
Creator: KiiLoLo | Added: 28th December 2005
Got The Background Frum An Already Made Layout An Just Made A Couple Adjustments Myself.

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Red/Black Soup
Creator: jamiethesideshowfreak | Added: 28th December 2005
A cool red background, with black tables!

Creator: Penguin888 | Added: 28th December 2005
backgrounds and table backgrounds are pictures of shiny water in diffrent blue tones

Creator: xx_helz_xx | Added: 26th December 2005
sparkly lips

Stars Clouds and Sunsets
Creator: On_One_87 | Added: 26th December 2005
A homie asked for it... I had the bakground blinking between the for pics also... But it was just to much blinking then... So o well but its still pretty good in my opinion

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Black and White Roses
Creator: touch_of_pink2717 | Added: 25th December 2005
Black Background with black and white roses in the tables. Red Text. It's hot!

Creator: kalex | Added: 24th December 2005
thats it.


if you hit this shit

Creator: kalex | Added: 24th December 2005
read the name dofus.

use this shit?
hit me up<3

Winter Wonderland
Creator: lone_flame | Added: 24th December 2005
blue tinted winter picture as the background... silver writing... dark blue double border... blue and silver scroll bar... blur roll over pics

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Creator: poogie_32 | Added: 23rd December 2005
Las Cruces

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