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Creator: myballs1661 | Added: 30th November 2005

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Sugar Plum Faries
Creator: daxie | Added: 29th November 2005
A sketch art of faries with touches of plum added.

Creator: nicoleangel01 | Added: 28th November 2005
Black & White forest...all writing is black, but linked writing changes to blood are grayscale with no filter hovers

Delicate Butterfly
Creator: sexxyninjette17 | Added: 27th November 2005
I made this in Photoshop at school one day and I've always really liked it. The contact box is alright...I like to have matching contact boxes and this one is the closest I could find. Aw well...

Blood Red Rose
Creator: sexxyninjette17 | Added: 27th November 2005
This is my first profile! YAY! It took me a very long time to find the image that I wanted to use as the background. I first made this profile as a non-member of MyGen and when I joined I really wanted to do something very impressive as my first profile. I selected mainly shades of red that I thought would compliment the rose in the background. It was difficult at first to find shades of red that wouldn't completely blend in with the rose, so the crimson was, in a way, a life-saver. The white text was selected to compliment the white light emitting from the rose and I was careful so the white text wouldn't overlay the white light. I selected the circular transparency for the images because I love the way it makes pictures look, and the cursors also. When I made this profile, it was my first time using MyGen and I was extremely impressed. The broad selection and uniqueness of what you can do with your profile helped me very much to get the profile I wanted.

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Sweet surrender
Creator: daxie | Added: 27th November 2005
An asian inspired water scene that is sure to relax and calm the day.

winter x-mas
Creator: hmeadors | Added: 26th November 2005
christmas maybe a lil winter. pretty color combo

Creator: torim | Added: 25th November 2005

Creator: torim | Added: 25th November 2005
cat and head

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celestial object
Creator: hanfig | Added: 25th November 2005
a once green solarized mass of colorful blob

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