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White splatters
Creator: ununiquexx | Added: 5th July 2007
White spatters tiled, fixed.

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Creator: Alexsaddfaceex | Added: 4th July 2007
This is a plain layout with a partial black backround and everything
hidden but your friends and comments and other stuff

Creator: G From Da D | Added: 29th June 2007
For the people who like Blue.

Creator: G From Da D | Added: 28th June 2007
All flamed out, for the people who like red.

Basic Blue and Black
Creator: X-Fat_Ninja-X | Added: 24th June 2007
THIS IS A GROUP LAYOUT!!! It is a simple layout with a blue backround and black tables.

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plain black
Creator: Kn0ck0ut546 | Added: 24th June 2007
just black everything with white text

Plain Black
Creator: X-Fat_Ninja-X | Added: 18th June 2007
A simple plain black layout with grey tables and white writing. Enjoy. NOTE: This will not hide your about me and who i'd like to meet sections. It only looks that way because that's how i have set up my profile. If you want to know how to, contact me.

Black and Green
Creator: gokie1993 | Added: 16th June 2007
Black and Green

Static Electricity
Creator: laurlaur12 | Added: 14th June 2007

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plain, black & white
Creator: mandeewilleatyou | Added: 10th June 2007
black border, its pretty much cool, and theres no contact table, so u will have to get add & message buttons. music player hid, scrolling comments, friends hid, no extended network banner or blog.

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