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Baby Blue Bubbles
Creator: lilgirl189 | Added: 19th April 2006
Bubbles, baby blue background

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Creator: lilgirl189 | Added: 18th April 2006
Pink and Gray... Butterfly extended Network Banner

Creator: XCheapThrillX | Added: 18th April 2006
Pretty Blue Butterflys<br />
please let me know if u used my profile<br />

pretty in blue
Creator: LadyOfDetroit | Added: 16th April 2006
all different shades of blue

eyes and flies
Creator: 6dark6heart6 | Added: 16th April 2006
this profile is basic white background with green tables, although, in the bottom left corner, there's a picture of two eyes staring at a fly, cross-eyed of course as the fly is in the centre of the two, simple and easy, this profile is fir for queen

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Creator: andyd666 | Added: 15th April 2006

Grim Reaper
Creator: the_all_star915 | Added: 13th April 2006
black and white it is really kool

Creator: confused.angel | Added: 12th April 2006
Its a glittery profile with the fonts Times New Roman and Comic Sans everything is in a size 14 except what you type in there its a size 16.It doesn't have a contact table or a banner or a online icon.I hope you enjoy this profile.Thanks.

Creator: chinkychic104 | Added: 12th April 2006
This layout is name "blorange" because I thought 'blue and orange' would be too boring. So basically the background and some of the text is orange while the border and some of the text is blue.

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dark and plain
Creator: C-Rilla420 | Added: 10th April 2006
~ dark, simple...first attempt... for those with lots of pics on your profile

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