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awsome noseslide
Creator: his_girl_aka_dani | Added: 14th July 2006
Copy the code below and paste it in your about me section.

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Zoo york Skateboards
Creator: his_girl_aka_dani | Added: 14th July 2006
Place code in your about me section.

Creator: hotwheelz4_2 | Added: 12th July 2006
About me:
My name is Joe Stan--------and someday I may spell the whole thing out for you, my 6 year old still trying, so he’s first. I was extremely active until my vehicle accident while in the Army. Almost 18 years has passed and I'm still very active, just on a new playground (metaphorically speaking.) I've found sunsets are great, but better spent with a strawberry margarita. I'm warm hearted, funny, & very romantic (with the right person.) I have blue eyes, a great smile with brown hair, but that hardly shows my inside. Although I now use a wheelchair from a spinal cord injury, I hope to find someone to walk beside me, rather than behind or in front of me. Communication means everything to me; verbally, physically, & emotionally. Hopefully I will find someone I can communicate with in the future.

I surf because I do
Creator: KiLLaKeNNy2K4 | Added: 7th July 2006
I took the pic on the background from someones profile and changed alot on it. It does sorta look like the one on another site, but this one is in my design.

chad reed =)
Creator: nick188 | Added: 6th July 2006
chad reed whip

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Creator: theconductor | Added: 1st July 2006
surf pics gathered and made into a collage. with a heart made out of waves. hm?

Creator: volcomsk8rpimp | Added: 1st July 2006
Nice Background and Black and white. Based around the fallen skateboard company. One of my very first layouts. visit my site at

Creator: borigol | Added: 23rd June 2006
the best

Ace of spades
Creator: MickeyHickey | Added: 23rd June 2006
ENB says "Feelin' Lucky?", CT and cursor. If you use please add me

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Soccer Stadium
Creator: borigol | Added: 23rd June 2006
Soccer #1

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