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Creator: dukejj3pter | Added: 19th March 2006
this is for all u duke fans out there who want a kick ass profile, word to ya motha!

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Real Madrid
Creator: djcqas03 | Added: 19th March 2006
Real Madrid Profile

Creator: OutCold | Added: 18th March 2006
The Thor logo in the back, diamond plated type table backgrounds.

Florida Gators
Creator: flgatorsrule | Added: 17th March 2006
This page has the Gator head as the background. It has an orange border around the entire page. The tables do not have a background picture or color. They have an orange dotted outline. The text is orange.

UC Bearcats
Creator: Punisher -MF- | Added: 8th March 2006
i dunno, i made this for a friend awhile ago, if you like UC, you might like this.

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Creator: Terrie1967 | Added: 6th March 2006
Baseballs with blue writing

chivas azul
Creator: panchovilla73 | Added: 25th February 2006
chivas azul

Zoo York
Creator: {SILENCE} | Added: 16th February 2006
Zoo York!

Creator: HoH-Silent | Added: 11th February 2006
Volcom Profile, completly custom made, except I used this (<br />
<br />
for the base newspaper.<br />
<br />

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Wolfpac 2
Creator: BX | Added: 9th February 2006
Wolfpac revised

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