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sauske and sakura
Creator: fruitloop92 | Added: 9th September 2007
pink background with sauske and sakura purple color on top of that no tables

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Lord Sesshomaru
Creator: Orochikins | Added: 8th September 2007
A Layout for Sesshomaru lovers!

Ichigo's Bankai
Creator: Lifeishell | Added: 22nd April 2007
Extanded Banner, Red and Black with contact table

Anime girl
Creator: Lifeishell | Added: 21st April 2007
black, red

The Major Ghost In The Shell
Creator: Demented4420 | Added: 7th September 2007
The Major wall paper w/ black background colour cosmic sans font @ 12px in bold matching the majors darkest hair colour hover colour bright green

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Bloody Hellsing Theme
Creator: Mydian | Added: 5th September 2007
Dark and Bloody looking Hellsing theme, made with MyGen.

Pitch black tables, blood red headlines and borders, small white easy-to-read text, blue obvious links.
Background is a closeup of Alucard's face and he's holding his hand up which has the Hellsing Logo on it. It's mainly black and red.
Couldn't find a really good contact box to suit it, I figure you can add your own.

It's pretty simple, but it looks good and it's easy to read.
Depending on the resolution of your screen the background image might seem unneccessarily huge. When the background was 800x600 I could see the edges of the picture and it ain't pretty, so keep in mind that just because your screen may hav low res doesn't mean everyone who's going to be looking at the profile will have low res as well.

Creator: fruitloop92 | Added: 6th September 2007
lots of pink and purple has soubi ritsuka and his brother and a guy who at the moment i cant remember his name has no tables

Yuki Nagato
Creator: detrix13 | Added: 2nd September 2007
A pic of the face of Yuki Nagato

Chobits - Freya
Creator: Darkstorm | Added: 1st September 2007
Inspired by the anime/manga.
I love Freya in both versions (more so in the manga) and wanted to protray that.
The colour scheme is black, various purples and comes with a contact table made by me on mygen!

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Neon Genesis Evangelion - Kawo
Creator: Darkstorm | Added: 27th February 2007
For a friend who's obsessed with Kaworu.

The background image is not an offical art work of Kaworu but it's him nevertheless.

In the screenshot I have inputted a Final Fantasy Advent Children contact table because it fitted well with the colour scheme (blue, white, grey, black) but it's not provided within the code.

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