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Tsunade, The 5th Hokage
Creator: piccolokakashi007 | Added: 18th January 2008
Tsunade is one of the 3 Legendary Sannin & a former student of Sarutobi, the 3rd Hokage. She loves to gamble. Also, she is a medical ninja with super strength & a short temper.

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Creator: latest_plauge | Added: 2nd March 2008
its from the manga loveless, great anime ^_^

Vampire Kisses
Creator: ELK is made of Shamrocks | Added: 16th February 2008

DEath Note Kira y L
Creator: Alivedark | Added: 9th February 2008
The Anime made Layout!!

Pink and Black Elfen Lied
Creator: Loveableabusiveslayer | Added: 24th September 2007
Pink and black Elfen Lied Layout, with pink questions falling from the top and my own contact table with Nyu.

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Inuyasha and Kagome
Creator: Loveableabusiveslayer | Added: 1st February 2008
A green and grey layout with a white background and a small inuyasha gif at the bottom.
Network banner taken over by a pic of kagome which helps the colour theme well :)

Re-L Ergo Proxy
Creator: horrorrockett | Added: 26th January 2008
Re-L from ergo proxy

CrAzY NeKo GiRl
Creator: horrorrockett | Added: 26th January 2008
a little neko girl...she doesn't look very happy.

Death Note 001
Creator: Kyle_Kairu | Added: 23rd January 2008
Back ground, deathnote_10_1024

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Death Note 002
Creator: Kyle_Kairu | Added: 24th January 2008
Light and £ chained by fate.

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