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First Layout
Creator: Cannibal Col | Added: 11th September 2010
Musician Profile

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Creator: xfloydsterx | Added: 7th June 2010
a big twister

Creator: lovefairy99 | Added: 3rd March 2010
This Is A Cute Layout With Skulls

Dark Marionette
Creator: Scarlettex | Added: 1st October 2009
this picture suited my myspace song so i made it into a layout :3

Beauty Has Horns
Creator: Demented4420 | Added: 25th April 2008
Dark purple & blue with an awesome goat woman jpg

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Woman / Crows
Creator: freak86 | Added: 11th October 2009
Blind-folded woman

Creator: xXVampireXDiXx | Added: 30th September 2009
a picture of a werewolf with red writing

Skull & Writing (Revive)
Creator: JohnnyBrunow | Added: 30th July 2009
This was a layout made soon after MyGen was started. I liked it a lot. If you go back to it (artistic) though the background picture is deleted and a lot of the added things are blank. So I took out the useless codes and made it so you could read the font with the same look.

(If you use this please notify me through Myspace. This way I will not delete the picture)

screamin skull
Creator: armyman0549 | Added: 16th July 2009
morphing skulls with lady devil and two crotch skulls as table backround

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Black Cats =^..^=
Creator: Mebop2000 | Added: 3rd October 2007
Black Cats =^..^=

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