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Creator: dsbazaarjinx | Added: 13th September 2007
I made this background out of various pieced together symbols. This layout is black, yellow, red and orange. I hope you like it.

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Death Signs
Creator: Durkee | Added: 13th September 2007
A skeleton flipping off the viewer...true for the American Badasses! (or whoever, I'm american!)
I orginally made it for my b/f. Lol, he doesn't know it yet. Its awesome.

Creator: Nightfall303 | Added: 17th August 2007
fog and trees with the grim reaper in the shadows

wicked hatchet
Creator: jenigayle | Added: 9th September 2007
psychopathcic records mascot

amazing jeckyl bros
Creator: jenigayle | Added: 9th September 2007
icp layout

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Slipknot (red)
Creator: brian15 | Added: 6th September 2007

Emo lolli pop skinny
Creator: frerardxMadi | Added: 2nd September 2007
The background image is a person with a lolli pop. Its skinny and the tables are transparent.<3

Black, Red, and Dark Red
Creator: bikini_bandit | Added: 2nd January 2006
A simple design that`s pretty easy on the eyes; background is black with a red border over dark red. I didn`t make the contact table. Main font is Verdana, but nearly everything else is Georgia. A style tag is included so if you want to highlight things, all you have to do is surround your text with <span class=highlight>these tags</span>. Cool huh?

love u roses icons
Creator: JARjustineruble | Added: 23rd August 2007
icon love icon roses

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pink hearts
Creator: JARjustineruble | Added: 22nd August 2007
black pink hearts emoish i guess

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