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waiting in the water
Creator: mars_2001_2006 | Added: 19th April 2007
waiting in the water

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Toxic Skull
Creator: Lordharrison | Added: 24th July 2007
Basically the title really, lol.

Grey Bars/Red Swirly Backround
Creator: devilbunny666 | Added: 18th July 2007
Transparent tables with gray top bars and red lettering for headers, green text for all typed (ie about me, heroes) info. Looks good with the red backround.

No Extended network backround, About me is raised up to fill space. Size limit on Coment PICTS!

You'll need you own contact table though.

Dark Lines
Creator: kelsey2390 | Added: 18th July 2007
Dark themed lines with a blue black gradient.

Creator: THeDarkestCrystal | Added: 17th July 2007
a picture of a skull done in orange and reds with semi transparent tables.

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Grey Fusion Static
Creator: kinkyxmaggot | Added: 13th July 2007
Includes Falling Image, Skull Cursor. and Online object. Black and grey Profile Layout with a dark goth background Static tables.

Angel Holding Loved Devil.
Creator: Deaths_Roses | Added: 11th July 2007
Angel holding devil, white text, strike through.

black hearts
Creator: jussy2654 | Added: 4th June 2007
black hearts and grey and white stripes

BDSM Signe on fire
Creator: blackandpurplerose82 | Added: 2nd July 2007
Black background and in the middle is the bdsm signe in a flame burst. Text is done in colors that come from the flame burst.

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Creator: blackandpurplerose82 | Added: 2nd July 2007
This back ground is done in solid black with a purple bdsm signe. The text is done in shades of purple and blue. Very slick and clean cut. And a lil something for thouse that are in to bdsm.

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