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Green & Yellow
Creator: dianabug | Added: 21st December 2005
Green background with yellow tables. Georgia font that's black.

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Creator: BARNEY iS DiPSET | Added: 20th December 2005
dude...its mario<br />
<s>Falling Objects</s> and Contact Table <br />

blue n orange
Creator: countvladsmama | Added: 19th December 2005
dont feel like discussing it just look

Pink Diamond
Creator: CeCeAngel21 | Added: 18th December 2005
Pink diamond background with dark pink text

flower power
Creator: arcticlady | Added: 18th December 2005
layered flower outlines with different colors as back ground... white wording, yellow links, profile right to left..... wave hover over pics, gotta see it yourself

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Creator: cindy562 | Added: 18th December 2005
different shades of pink<br /><br /><br />

neon green swirl
Creator: arcticlady | Added: 17th December 2005
neon green and purple swirl background with pink lettering, hidden top and bottom links, white hover links, circle hover on pics.... check it out!

Glitter Stars
Creator: lacymcollins | Added: 17th December 2005
Glitter Stars as main Background. Text Boxes are Purple. Very cute. <br><br />

Bright Blue/Black
Creator: TuffGhost | Added: 16th December 2005
Light Bright Blue background. Dashed border around tables, black border around profile. profile flipped.

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Pink N Black
Creator: Importbunni | Added: 16th December 2005
my 2 favorite colors

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