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Colorful Pirate
Creator: bzzlghtyr550 | Added: 1st December 2005
Features 70px border around whole page. White skull on black bg, turquoise border, word 'pirate.'

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Creator: diamond_baby08 | Added: 29th November 2005
Cute pink and blue butterflies

Creator: myballs1661 | Added: 29th November 2005
black blue white gray the prefect profile for a boy

Creator: frankslady | Added: 28th November 2005
Black, Purple, Pinks, Greens, and Blues...........Just See For Yourself............

blue snowflakes
Creator: CeCeAngel21 | Added: 28th November 2005
white background with blue snowflakes and blue text

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Purple stars
Creator: CeCeAngel21 | Added: 27th November 2005
purple background with white stars and pink and purple text

Colorful Butterflies
Creator: Sweetgirl0619 | Added: 27th November 2005
Butterflies!!! I got this background from so gotta give a big thanks to them!

Colorful Hearts
Creator: whoawhoabatmancup | Added: 27th November 2005
Cute light pink, blue, purple and green hearts background. Purple tables, with dotted border. Very girly, very cute.

Creator: blairlovesthebravery | Added: 27th November 2005
colorful squares

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winter horse dreams
Creator: hmeadors | Added: 26th November 2005
castle days horse in snow. basic white and black beautiful picture sets off whole page.

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