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Creator: ripped_heartss | Added: 25th November 2005
Background color: Auqua<br /><br />
Tables: Black<br /><br />
Writing (All): White<br /><br />
Font: Arial<br /><br />
Size: 9<br /><br />
Nothing too special

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dragons dreams
Creator: hmeadors | Added: 25th November 2005
pretty colors, fantasy dragon background

Ka-YoOt StRiPeS
Creator: xOx_KaTeYlYnN_xOx | Added: 25th November 2005
VeRy EarThY StRiPeS<3 'AlWaYs ChIlLIn' OnLiNe ImAge WhItE TeXt HaNd MaDe By *KaTeYLyNn((Me))*

Im NoT BeAuTiFuL LiKe U Im BeA
Creator: xOx_KaTeYlYnN_xOx | Added: 24th November 2005
hAnD MaDe So GiVe Me SoMe CrEdIt WoUlD Ya?? CoMeS WiT CoNtAcT TaBlE aNd 'ToTaLlY LoVeAbLe' OnLiNe NoW ImAgE<33

Creator: Stunning_lie67 | Added: 24th November 2005
Black background with an animated martini glass.The phrase "fuck me badly once shame on you.Fuck me badly twice shame on me",Dancing lines and faliing hearts.

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Black and pink pinstripes
Creator: BARNEY iS DiPSET | Added: 24th November 2005
pink, black and white color scheme<br /><br />
comes with contact table<br /><br />
its awesome kids<br /><br />
check it out

Creator: sapphire | Added: 24th November 2005
is just your basic purple and black page!!!

Creator: xThexNewxRomancex | Added: 23rd November 2005

Light Gray
Creator: wolfstrike | Added: 22nd November 2005
basically a light coloered grey

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pink and green
Creator: CeCeAngel21 | Added: 21st November 2005
pink black and green layout

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