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Creator: jkdstars | Added: 12th December 2005
Pink heading text, black body text. Pink, long stemmed rose in background that scrolls down when you do. Picture for yourself and friends are all circle trasparency until you hover over and then they are normal.

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Zebra and pink
Creator: TuffGhost | Added: 11th December 2005
Background is zebra print. Hot Pink border around entire profile. Hot Pink border around tables, but inside of tables are white. Text is courier new

Snowy Christmas!
Creator: stephlyn08 | Added: 10th December 2005
christmas colored hearts(red & forrest green) as the background and mistletoe as the table background!!cute contact table with candy cane letters!!also includes cute falling snow!!

mod squares
Creator: trishz | Added: 10th December 2005
cool mod purple and other colored squares

big city
Creator: trishz | Added: 9th December 2005
totally rad

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the TI volcano
Creator: countvladsmama | Added: 9th December 2005
volcano in vegas

Creator: murphi0us | Added: 9th December 2005
This is my personal profile, and you probably don't want to use it. If you want to steal some of my code then go ahead. If you like it then please let me know.

& do you believe in magic?
Creator: x3kissmecake416 | Added: 9th December 2005
candles . . . a very mysterious type of layout. black background with hints of yellow and orange. different texts and options for the pictures.

really cool!

Creator: CorpseBride19 | Added: 8th December 2005
For Those X-Box Lovers!!!

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Breast Cancer
Creator: lagunabeachfan | Added: 8th December 2005
Breast Cancer w/ link to donate money

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