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Creator: BhSsKaTeRqT4u | Added: 27th November 2005
there is nothing to say just pick this one

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Winter at Starbucks
Creator: whoawhoabatmancup | Added: 27th November 2005
Basic winter profile, a little gloomy but pretty with snow in a starbucks background in the upper right hand corner. Grey background, light maroon table with black font(arial). Very simplistic.

*explodingdog* I give you my h
Creator: spikeychick87 | Added: 26th November 2005 background. very cute and
emo like

Alucard on a Mission
Creator: NoNoseEmo | Added: 26th November 2005
From Volume 5 where he is on the spy plane, fixing to crash it into the warship.

Creator: deedersss | Added: 24th November 2005
based on the flash movie series Saladfingers. (I am not the creator of these movies and if you would like to watch them they are found at

this layout features a header of Saladfingers and a contact table with his 'friends'. The majority is a light tan and blue to match the header.

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Pink retrO circles
Creator: cbelle2004 | Added: 23rd November 2005
hOt Pink circles backgrOund

Welcome to my Myspace iron cro
Creator: funfucclown | Added: 21st November 2005
2 iron crosses with words "WELCOME TO MY MYSPACE" inside, black outside iron crosses red with white outline, letters black, some grey/blue/green profile text colors

a perfect rose bouquet
Creator: x3kissmecake416 | Added: 21st November 2005
yellow && white rose bouquet picture in the background. the colors are green, yellow & black font. The pictures are 50% transparent && wavy on a hover. its very springy and romantic in a way . . . very nice =)

Creator: x3kissmecake416 | Added: 20th November 2005
its black & white lips with black font and the pictures are 50% transparent when normal and blurred hover. It's a black and white theme.

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Jack Daniels
Creator: Keepout7 | Added: 20th November 2005
Yellow text and black tables. Jack Daniels backgroung with a little flames making it look sweet.

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