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Merry Christmas
Creator: lagunabeachfan | Added: 19th November 2005
Just look!

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Bang Bang
Creator: shikaka45 | Added: 19th November 2005
Bang Bang

Creator: shikaka45 | Added: 19th November 2005
A love thingy

Creator: x3kissmecake416 | Added: 19th November 2005
its a wintery profile . . . the colors used are white, blue and silver.
theres one big snowflake background and the pictures are semi-trasparent && the hover is black and white. its perfect for winter =)

Anton LaVey
Creator: SLH69666 | Added: 17th November 2005
Dark purple background, Blue and Red writing, Anton LaVey on background, X-ray effect on linked photos, "Hell was full" contact table.

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New Alucard Profile
Creator: NoNoseEmo | Added: 17th November 2005
From the fourth volume, the text in the panel was edited...

Winter Wonderland
Creator: lagunabeachfan | Added: 17th November 2005
Snow and Blue

Creator: mikal333 | Added: 16th November 2005
ITS MEH IN TH BACKGROUND WHOAAA, lol just got bored, i like it!

Sassy and sophisticated
Creator: iLuvMySunshine | Added: 16th November 2005
Its brown with pink dots and its cute with mellow colors. Its pretty cute, first profile i've made I wanna know who uses it! let me kno plzzz

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Shoes in greens, browns and wh
Creator: AngelJoy91 | Added: 15th November 2005
This was random but I think its awesome!

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