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Purple Starry Sky
Creator: shellieclark82 | Added: 7th February 2007
Beautiful View Of The Horizon From Space.

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El Super Divo
Creator: filmtrauma | Added: 29th January 2007
Best Div Evarr Custom Made.

Oriental Flower
Creator: danielp131 | Added: 27th January 2007
The profile was made by me :) accpet the color and text codes i think i got them from another profile on here it has chinese writing in the middle and some flowers on it... this was origianlly made for my friends bbut she said it wasnt for her so...w/e
Creator: PsychoKilla666 | Added: 22nd January 2007
Minimalist appraoch
very clean and simple

Creator: cynical_torture | Added: 12th January 2007
LIV TYLER PLAIN DIV. pictures and text can be added. very simple design.

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Creator: spaz_720 | Added: 9th January 2007
BOXING... And The Motto Of My Life

Purple Something
Creator: ToxxicDesigns | Added: 5th January 2007
Creator: jamez474 | Added: 29th December 2006

Miss Emo
Creator: adorKablefae | Added: 25th December 2006
Black and white div overlay
custom friends
emo girl background

Kinda tricky, so don't play with too much of it unless you know what you're doing.

div one is where you put your display picture, name, and links to pictures and videos.

div two is for about me

div three is interests

div four is for whatever you want plus links

div five is for your custom friends. set to hold 8. if you want more, you have to add more cells to the table to hold them. don't attempt to do it unless you already know how.

divs six, and seven and eight should be left alone.

replace "XXXXXXXX" with your friend ID or who ever's you're linking to.

change the info in [brackets] to whatever you want.

A note about the friend space:
I would recommend right clicking the pictures on your home page for the pictures of your friends, and selecting 'view image'. This will bring up a new window or tab with the small picture in it. Highlight and copy the address in the address bar and use that for the URL to image.

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White Hearts With Blue Argyle
Creator: Tannruh | Added: 25th November 2006
Replace al XXXXX with your friend ID
This is a div layout if you don't know a lot of html than it might no be a good idea to use this

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