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I live the life of pills,tapes
Category: Tweaked Default | Added: 4th April 2007
Default layout with a background of tiny black and white tapes,rain clouds,pills,and more.

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Red with tiny white dots
Category: Tweaked Default | Added: 4th April 2007
A default layout, the background is red with tiny white dots

opps i think i said a little t
Category: Artistic | Added: 30th January 2007
a girl with tape over mouth, animed looking with black hair,on the left.
tessa'z designs has returned as oh and has brought u another layout

Black Tiny Patterns
Category: Tweaked Default | Added: 4th April 2007
A tiny default lay thats hides almost eveything.
Has an add comment link, the background features
a tiny black pattern.

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Tiny default"my hearts sh
Category: Artistic | Added: 27th October 2006
brought to you by former tessa'z designz
which is now outraged-hope
a tiny layout with a default myspace look
with a background of a window and 2 black hearts shining from sunlight
very popular style

tiny layout overlap with words
Category: Artistic | Added: 15th September 2006
thank you!
have u seen ones like these ?they are quite popular
its a tiny layout that looks like the plain myspace design but u see a background on the sides because it over laps it .
i love this layouts they were the 1st overlays
the background image in this one is over a poem
brought to you by tessa'z designs darkcuffs

Rip out the wings of a butterf
Category: Overlay | Added: 29th August 2006
simple overlay
one div( box)
image of a butterfly with the words rip out the wings of a butter fly

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