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Blink 182 Black/White/Orange
Category: Music | Added: 10th July 2006
Again this is just a nice little Blink 182 layout. The colors are Black/White/Orange. This is one of my better layouts. I really like it.

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The Fast and The Furious: Toky
Category: Film/Television | Added: 10th July 2006
Tokyo Drift Layout. The color is mostly white. I made the layout. I think its pretty cool!

Simple Plan Overlay
Category: Overlay | Added: 20th August 2006
Just a simple layout. You can replace my picture with your own if you'd like.

(+44) Colors
Category: Overlay | Added: 28th December 2006
Simple (+44) div overlay. Its got three boxes at the bottom and (+44) logos at the top. The boxes are pink, green, and blue.

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Simple Plan B&W
Category: Music | Added: 10th July 2006
This is a simple little black and white layout with a Simple Plan Theme. And yes, I made the background myself.

Cinematic Sunrise (Umbrellas a
Category: Music | Added: 23rd June 2007
Umbrellas and Elephants

Travis Barker Remix
Category: Music | Added: 18th January 2007
Travis Barker Remix background picture. White text.

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(+44) Orange + Black
Category: Music | Added: 31st December 2006
My second (+44) layout. This one is orange and black. The background is black white and orange. I tested it on my account and looks great.

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