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Brass Knuckles
Category: Tweaked Default | Added: 13th October 2007
Brass knuckle background, Basic layout.

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Crazy Cool part two
Category: Tweaked Default | Added: 30th May 2007
If you've already tried using this profile and it hasn't worked try this one. It should work or i'll cut out my kidney.

Gloomy Love
Category: Overlay | Added: 8th April 2007
It's a layout for those of you who love Gloomy bear or if you just think the whole profile is cool in general.
This is one of my more simple overlays so if your new to doing overlays use this one to start out.

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Scene Kid overlay
Category: Overlay | Added: 25th March 2007
Basic scene kid overlay.
I put together some of my favorite things that i have seen in profiles and turned it into my frankenstien.
message me if you use it.

Liquid force
Category: Sports/Activities | Added: 22nd October 2006
Liquid Force background and blue tables pretty cool profile.

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Centered Basic Profile.
Category: Miscellaneous | Added: 9th October 2006
It is the myspace plain profile centered with a big black border. Trust me it's centered, it just doesn't show it on MyGen.

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