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Displacement =)
Category: Colourful | Added: 3rd September 2007
6 boxes with div overlays on ads and search; may cause a little problem but it's unlikely.
Doesn't work for users with Opera instead of IE.
6 boxes placed in different positions to make an interesting shape.
Colours are mainly Black White and Red.
Font styles are quite whacky =)

You will need to submit a blank profile first and collect the links to place in the bottom box like Home and Add and Message etc.

The boxes are numbered so when you edit it will be quite easy to find where your text is going =)

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big willy
Category: Dark/Evil | Added: 2nd April 2007
Q.What do you get when you go to the shop?

Hazard (Flashing GIF, Transpar
Category: Colourful | Added: 5th January 2007
Baclground is a tiled green flashing X, all tables are 75% transparent, Can slow your P.C and might annoy some of your friends!

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