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Category: Miscellaneous | Added: 14th August 2007
Simple white backgroud with a single pair of needles. Very simple black text with slight opacity to it. Profile is centered and flipped.

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Eat Me, Drink Me
Category: Gothic | Added: 14th August 2007
Background is photograph inspired by Marilyn Manson's "Heart Shaped Glasses" Song. Simple, yet unique profile with crimson text and is flipped.

Purple Poison
Category: Gothic | Added: 24th July 2007
Purple poison with shadow. Light grey simple text.

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Pretty with Lace
Category: Gothic | Added: 28th June 2007
A grey and black lace, seamless background, fairly simple with white Times New Roman text. The Contact table is black with a little bit of a lace trim on 2 edges.

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