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Category: Designer/Stylish | Added: 19th August 2007
just click on preview to check it out :)

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Red Cherry
Category: Designer/Stylish | Added: 4th July 2008
a very nice looking layout: stylish, original. artsy and beautiful. it's kind of hard to see the layout in the little picture though.

Category: Designer/Stylish | Added: 28th March 2008
a bit of experimentation with the name table... hope you like it and send me a message if it has any kinks.

Category: Plain/Solid Colour | Added: 24th January 2008

Category: Designer/Stylish | Added: 17th November 2007
a layout inspired by william morris wallpaper design. the details on the wallpeper are really fine, so you need to see it in its full size. they don't really show on a thumbnail image.

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Plain Jane
Category: Plain/Solid Colour | Added: 1st January 2008
a very simple, yellow layout with subtle background graphics. it also has a code to re-size the comments to max of 450px so that the layout won't be distorted by oversized comment graphics.
CONTACT TABLE is originally made by TRACYFAIRY (you can find the original in the Contact Table section under Vintage), but i had to photoshop it in order to fit my layout dimensions.

violet for winterdays
Category: Designer/Stylish | Added: 10th November 2007
the saying goes "a picture is worth a thousand words". so, click on the preview and see for yourselves.

flower frames
Category: Designer/Stylish | Added: 9th May 2007
i like the texutre on this one and there are a few minor differences compared to a standard myspace layout, but you really have to click on preview to notice them.

light wine
Category: Plain/Solid Colour | Added: 23rd May 2007
clean-cut, simple layout with solid colours and a few unordinary features (click preview to see them because they make the layout special)

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Tangerine Dream
Category: Plain/Solid Colour | Added: 24th May 2007
a friend of mine said this layout makes him crave tangerines...

pretty in seashell pink
Category: Designer/Stylish | Added: 31st May 2007
victorian-esque wallpaper with really nice display

a little bird told me...
Category: Designer/Stylish | Added: 25th May 2007
this is one of my favorite layouts. it has texture and beautiful colours.

Category: Designer/Stylish | Added: 18th June 2007
i recently saw some japanese wallpapers and was struck by their sheer simplicity and elegance. so, this layout is east meets west design, sort of...

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