Layouts - User: ObviousCalamity

Category: Animals | Added: 30th May 2007
-black dragonfly on purple background
-floating flashing dragonfly image
-purple animated dragonfly cursor
-purple glitter welcome banner
-B&w mouseover
-comic sans ms font

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Minute of DEcAy
Category: Dark/Evil | Added: 28th May 2007
white-courier new font-
xray when mouseover-
Red eye contact table-
custom made extended network banner-
w/floating flashing image-

Category: Gothic | Added: 27th May 2007
blood red font -arial black-
transparent images-
mouseover B&W-
blood red and white splashed contactTable-
animated matching cursor.

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dark wolf
Category: Animals | Added: 27th May 2007
purple font. doubled borders. B&w mouseover images.

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