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Cherry Blossom
Category: Artistic | Added: 7th March 2009
It's pretty and shiny
I made the background image using Photoshop cs4
and it's shiny
so yea...

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black and blue and green massa
Category: Artistic | Added: 28th September 2008
life of me

Vampire knight cover vol.1
Category: Anime | Added: 25th October 2008
I was just bored when i made this
so have fun with it

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Emo autumn
Category: Artistic | Added: 25th October 2008
I thought about the colors of autumn when i made this
and how the crisp autumn air and the colors makes you want to cry because its so beautiful

Rozen Maiden
Category: Anime | Added: 3rd March 2009
It has a nice blue scheme
and the background for it is Rozen maiden The popular anime show

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Category: Gothic | Added: 29th June 2008
sort of a dark goth look with a touch of punk in it

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