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Very cute Louis Vitton
Category: Designer/Stylish | Added: 12th November 2005
This profile is one of my special ones.It is Louis Vitton with a Louis Background and falling symbols.It has a very cute Louis Vitton Contact box and is very cute.

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Dirty Dancing
Category: Film/Television | Added: 12th November 2005
This is an adorable profile that I made for a friend.It is of dirty dancing,and it has a very cute background.It has pink font.It has a normal scroll bar,but it also has a very cute red rose cursor.It was made with mygen generator.Enjoy

Colorful Hearts
Category: Colourful | Added: 12th November 2005
This profile has blue,purple,and pink font.It has a very colorful heart background.The tables are pink.Its very cute and very girly.Hope you enjoy it! It also has raining hearts,but you can take those off if you choose.It was made with help of mygen generator.I make profiles,so send me a message anytime with your requests.Add me on my myspace its

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