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Music Notes
Category: Music | Added: 28th June 2006
Gray music notes on a black background. With contact table from
and the "extended network" cover I made.

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i LOVE Clovers
Category: Miscellaneous | Added: 29th August 2006
Clover background and stuff

Category: Designer/Stylish | Added: 26th April 2007
Skull background with Pink Tables

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Stars and Circles
Category: Colourful | Added: 20th May 2006
Blue stars on a black background. And thats about it. Haha.

Bloody Hand Thing
Category: Artistic | Added: 2nd August 2006
A bloody hand thing

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Hearts full of Hearts
Category: Artistic | Added: 13th August 2006
Black little hearts, on white background. With pinkish font. There is no contact table. But there is an Add Me and Message Me button where you will have to enter your own Friend ID. kTHX

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