How to make a cool pulsing effect

Step 1: Open up ImageReady.

Step 2: Open ur pic or ur sig or whatever u want to apply the effect to into ImageReady.
It has to look like this: Pic1

Step 3: Duplicate the pic layer and apply a radial blur to the copy layer.
It has to look like this:Pic2

Step 4: Go to the layers pallete and click the eye next to the copy layer.
Then go to the animation window and click the button next to the trashcan to duplicate the first frame. Then click the empty space next to the copy layer again. If u play the animation, u can see the effect but it's kinda fast and painful to the eye so lets make it more subtle.

Step 5: Select the second frame in the animation window and press the tween button, it's the button in the animation window with little circles going diagonal. Then use these settings:Pic3

Step 6: Then select the first frame in the Animation window and while holding down shift select the last frame in the animation window. Then change the delay to about [b:797ae01de5][size=18:797ae01de5]0.5[/size:797ae01de5][/b:797ae01de5] seconds or whatever u want.

Step 7: Save optimized and ur done!

Here's what i made with this tutorial:

If u play around with the radial blur settings, u get another variation:

Hope this was fun!

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