Make animated rain in Photoshop

Here goes the tute :8)

Open ur sig or ur image in photoshop.
[b:81c38a3344]Step 1:[/b:81c38a3344] make a new layer and fill it with black. Then go to filter, Noise, Add Noise and apply these settings: Step1

[b:81c38a3344] Step 2:[/b:81c38a3344] After doing that go to filter, blur, motion blur and apply these settings: Step2

[b:81c38a3344]Step 3:[/b:81c38a3344] Change the mode of the layer to overlay. Then repeat Step 1 and Step 2 about 4 times. But this time for the motion blur settings put the blur 5% more or less than the percent u put for the first layer. Also u should change the mode of each of those layers to Overlay. After u do that u should get this: Step3

[b:81c38a3344]Step 4:[/b:81c38a3344] Then press the button to work with the animation in ImageReady. You should get this: Step4

[b:81c38a3344]Step 5:[/b:81c38a3344] In the layers pallete, press the little eyes next to all of the layers except the ones that say Layer 1 and Background. Then in the animation window, press the button next to the trash-can and then press the empty space next to layer 2 and the eye on Layer 1. Keep doing this for all the layers and you end up with this: Step5

[b:81c38a3344]Step 6:[/b:81c38a3344] If u play ur animation it runs but its a tad too fast. So select the first frame in the animation window, and holding down shift, select the last frame. Then set the delay to around 0.1 seconds. It then should look like this: Step6

[b:81c38a3344]Step 7:[/b:81c38a3344] Save as optimized and ur done.

Heres what i made in the tute:

Hope this helped.
[b:81c38a3344]UPDATE:[/b:81c38a3344] If u want the rain fast or slow u can mess around with the delay time. also, u can play around with the motion blur settings and noise settings to get other variations of the rain effect.

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