How To Make A Decent Sig

[b:f781568f91]Step 1:[/b:f781568f91] Open a new document in photoshop. make it 350 x 100 or whatever u want. Then make a new layer and fill with black. At this point it should look like this.

[b:f781568f91]Step 2:[/b:f781568f91] Select the brush tool, pick a decent brush and brush around a couple of times on the layer. It should turn out to look like this.

If ur stumped and dont have any cool brushes go to DeviantArt to download some brushes.

[b:f781568f91]Step 3:[/b:f781568f91] After u have something decent. press Ctrl+B to get the Color Balance settings. play around with the settings for Shadows, Midtones and Highlights until u get something u like. At this point i got this.

[b:f781568f91]Step 4:[/b:f781568f91] Now that u have ur background. ur ready to get ur image on. download some wallpapers or stock images and seperate the image u like from the background. In this case my image is Sub-Zero from MK. Make sure that ur pic matches ur color scheme because if it doesnt, it's gunna turn out like crap. So paste ur pic in and u should get something like this.

[b:f781568f91]Step 5:[/b:f781568f91] Change the pic layer blending mode to Luminosity. We are doing this so the pic can blend in more nicely. Here is an example.

[b:f781568f91]Step 6:[/b:f781568f91] Duplicate the pic layer and change the duplicated layer's blending mode to Normal with Opacity 60%. This is what u should get.

[b:f781568f91]Step 7:[/b:f781568f91] Duplicate the layer one more time and set the blending mode to screen. Now the pic should blend nicely with the background.

[b:f781568f91]Step 8:[/b:f781568f91] Now choose the pencil tool and add a border.

[b:f781568f91]Step 9:[/b:f781568f91] Add some text and u are done with ur sig!.

If u want to add more u can use motion blur and stuff on ur background. that's what i did and got this:


[b:f781568f91]User Contributions:[/b:f781568f91]
[b:f781568f91]Triple:[/b:f781568f91]Bruhes you can use on the sig.Triple's Brushes
[b:f781568f91]Adatti:[/b:f781568f91]Image you can use on the sig.Adatti's Image

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