Fire Text 2 in Photoshop

Ok...since I love 500x500 (adjust as needed) (basically follow the pics...and click ok if something pops up..)

Use your text tool to type something out...

Image>>Rotate Canvas>>90 degrees CW

Click ok on the window that pops up

To do a 4 way effect its best to not rotate before adding your first wind effect, just do the wind effects going left to right first then rotate them 90 degrees

Hit CTRL+F (1 to 2 times when doing a four way effect, it's best hit 3 times to repeat your wind effect, or which ever you prefer. You can always use the step backwards feature in the edit pull down menu to go back and adjust to your preference)

Right now this is how my image looks

Image>>Rotate Canvas>>90 degrees CCW

Filter>>Blur>>Gaussian Blur

(I just use the basic settings but you can choose what you wish)


Image>>Mode>>Indexed Color

(Click ok to any boxes that may have appeared)

Image>> Mode>> Color Table


(select Black Body and hit ok)

Use your text tool and type the original text again and use your move tool to align the text (or place it in a way you see fit)


My finished one looks like this..

Save as a Gif at highest settings...

This is what I got when I didn't do the four way correctly with the sides first..(I did the rotation and the what would be vertical winds first....)


(This is one of the right way to do it...)

You can apply as many and as few wind effects as you wish

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