Animated Masking Tutorial

[URL=][b:8d11ec9707]DOWNLOAD HERE[/b:8d11ec9707][/URL] to get the tutorial, font, origional imageready file, zoomed out view, other notes

this is a tutorial for adobe imageready (if you have photoshop then you should have imageready, they are sister products and you can access one from the other)

this tutorial will show you how to make an animated mask
this is the example that you will make by following the tutorial

once downloaded, extract this into its own folder and [b:8d11ec9707]open index.html[/b:8d11ec9707]

also, the file "angelsdeservetodie.psd" needs to be opened in imageready, not photoshop

-edit1: since i made this tut, they have come out w/ newer version of ps and ir, i dont have them installed right now, but i dont think that "ctrl+g" groups layers anymore. i could be wrong, but if it doesnt and anyone else knows how to do it, feel free to edit that in

-edit2: i refer to animated png in the tut, ive since become more educated and found that animated png is refered to as "mng" (pronounced "ming") and is not widely supported. supposedly it also incorporates audio, however, im not farmiliar w/ it as ive never used it

-use of tutorial:
use this tutorial for any purposes your devious mind concocts. you are free to change it at will to make it more comprehensive, display it anywhere else you like, etcetera. i only ask that you dont remove/edit my name and links at the bottom. (if you edit it, you are free to add yours down there)

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