How To Make A Basic Transparency.

Okay so I know that most of you guys know all about what your doing and this may seem dumb, but I get many questions about people hacing trouble with transparent images, although there easy, not [b:967f981b09]everyone[/b:967f981b09] know how to do them. This tutorial is intended for beginners, hense the "step-by-step".

This tutorial can be used for any image but im going to be making a contact table.

Step 1: Open up a a new image in Photoshop, 300 x 150 for contact tables, but whatever your doing is fine.
Step 2: First things first, add the text or whatever images you want to add.
Step 3: Now simply delete the background layer.
Step 4: Your done, now to save it. Save it as a GIF; other picture formats cannot be transparentcys.
Were is Forced:, make sure it says none and have the transparency box checked off:

Hope this helped anyone having trouble, feel free to post questions!
-The Riot

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