3D Text (Photoshop)

[b:c780133296]Difficulty: [color=red:c780133296]|||||||||[/color:c780133296]|||||||||||[/b:c780133296] (4.5/10 - May Very dependent upon users experience)

First off, start by creating a document, lets say 500x500 with 72 resolution (Default net res)

The font that I use in this tutorial is [b:c780133296]Bitsumishi[/b:c780133296]
I made the size of the font 200, do that with no attributes. You should get something like this...

Next, [b:c780133296]rasterize[/b:c780133296] the layer by right clicking on it and simply clicking it.
(This will allow you to do blending options and more editing, but you can not edit the text)

After that, right click on the layer, and apply the following blending options :)

After you have applied that, you should have something by the looks of this...

Okay, bare with me, now is the annoying part, but luckily, we're almost done!

Next, goto [b:c780133296]Edit[/b:c780133296], [b:c780133296]Transform[/b:c780133296], and then click [b:c780133296]Perspective[/b:c780133296]

Then simply play around with it a bit, this is how I made mine...

Now is the boring as hell part... Now that you have put your image into the basis for 3D, it is time to duplicate and move, OVER AND OVER AND OVER. It goes pretty fast though :p

[b:c780133296]First off,[/b:c780133296] duplicate the text layer, and move it one pixel (ANY DIRRECTION, BUT THIS DIRRECTION MUST BE REPEATED IN EACH STEP)
[b:c780133296]Next,[/b:c780133296] Duplicate [b:c780133296]Text Layer Name 1(2)[/b:c780133296] and repeat step number one....

Its that simple!!! Here is how mine turned out
[b:c780133296]Note:[/b:c780133296] I did not spend much time on it...

Here is an image I did a while back, using the same technique

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