Getting mp3 urls from myspace for embedding etc

first, you need firefox... (

once you have it go to this link and download it:

then restart firefox...

then when you are back on, find the myspace page you want of the band

and once you know the song is there, go to the tools bar and click open firebug..


then when firebug is opened youll need to find the ashx link thing....

should look exactly like this:


so what you need to do is go onto that link by right clicking and going 'copy location'

then once youve got this in the address bar, youll need to find the song...


the title="" will show the song name, so you can find which one you want

and then find the durl="" tag and theres your url for any mp3 (as long as its on myspace)

then if you use that in your mygen playlist or any other, it will work (well it has for me for quite some time)

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