Basic HTML
Some of the most frequently asked questions on the Forum stem from a lack of basic HTML knowledge.
Below are most basic HTML codes you will need to know to modify your profile successfully!

HTML Tag Description
<B>Your Text Here</B> This makes your text BOLD
<I>Your Text Here</I> This makes your text ITALIC
<U>Your Text Here</U> This makes your text UNDERLINED
<S>Your Text Here</S> This makes your text STRIKE-THROUGH
<B><I><U>Your Text Here</U></I></B> You can combine properties to make text have MULTIPLE ATTRIBUTES
<font face="verdana" size="8" color="000000">Your Text Here</font> You use the <font> tag to specify font face, size and color.
Check the color and font chart to see what you can use!
Example: This text is red, and in comic sans face!
<BR /> This will create a line-break.
Put one at the end of each line to make
<a href="A URL HERE">Your Link Here</a> This will create a link to whatever you specify in the 'A URL HERE' part.
<img src="Image URL here" width="100" height="100" /> This is the code to use to put an image on your page. You can specify the width and height of the image.
<center>Your Text Here</center> This will center your text, or images, or whatever you put between the <center> tags.
This text will be centered!
&nbsp; This is a non-breaking space, use this to put pictures next to one another, without it wrapping round to the next line.

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