Multi-Track Flash Player - Tutorial
This tutorial has been written by Skuller12, and is a concise step-by-step guide.
Aight, it really doesn’t get much easier then this; I will literally walk you through step by step on how to get the multi song flash player working.

Firstly, head to THIS page and READ THE WHOLE PAGE. When you've done that, come back here and read this page!

Downloading and unzipping.

Click the download link and save the file to your desktop.

Extract the save zipped file with eitherWinzip or Winrar by installing either of those programs, and then right clicking and selecting one of the extraction options.

Picture of winrar extraction options, I chose "extract to player\" which extracts it to the same folder as the zipped file.

As you can see, winrar extracts the files onto my desktop into a folder named "player"


Before you continue, you must upload your MP3's and the player.swf file to a host of your choice. Some include Tripod or Angelfire
Using the file manager of whatever host you are using, upload the mp3's and the swf file to the server.

Before uploading, ensure that your mp3's you want to upload DO NOT HAVE ANY SPACES IN THEIR NAME. Replace them with "_" (without the quotes) or just delete them from the filename)

This example will not look exactly like the file manager used by your site, each site uses a different type. This should
Go to the File 1 line, and select browse. Browse to the location on your hard drive that you saved the MP3 file and select OPEN.
After selection open, the line will be filled with the hard drive location of your file.

You are now free to continue on, uploading as many mp3's as your little heart desires. For the sake of simplicity I will be using 3 for this tutorial.
So my page would look like this:

Now select the "Finish" option, and let the files upload. The page will refresh itself when they are finished. DO NOT REFRESH THE PAGE, CLOSE THE PAGE, and Hell to be safe, go get some food and let it upload.
Once the files are finished uploading you will be sent back to the file manager page and it will show your files there.
It will look like this but with fewer files.

Now you must hover the mouse over your file name and right click. Select properties and copy the complete Address file field, which for my gorillaz song, is "".
Do this for each of the song you uploaded and save the address of these files into notepad or something.
Now you will edit the XML file.

Editing XML

Open the folder where you extracted the zip file and right click the "playlist.xml" file. Select "edit" and it should open up in notepad.

This is what you should see in notepad

Now you must replace the: "Song link here.mp3" with one of the addresses you copied earlier. and then go to "title="Artist - Track name"" area and edit the information with the artist and track name. Keep the existing quotes.
Mine ended up looking like this.

You can delete the lines of "<song path="Song Link Here.mp3" title="Artist - Track name">" that you do not need, and also ADD more of those lines if you would like more songs in your player, by copying the entire line and adding it to the end of the list before the "</songs>" line.
Save the XML file and exit it. Now go back to your site and upload the "player.swf" and "playlist.xml" files using the above method. Refer to the pictures if needed.

Tiny URL

As you did with the music files, from the file manager on, right click the newly uploaded swf file, and obtain (that means "get" in case you didn’t know) the address of the .swf file. Mine was "" Now head over to and paste the address you just got into the box.

Now select the "Make tinyurl!" button. A new page should pop up which looks like:

Copy the tiny URL it spits out. Mine was ""

Editing the HTML

This is the code generic code, provided by MyGen, that we will be editing

Where it says 'TINYURL HERE', you must add the tinyurl that you just got BETWEEN THE QUOTES.
To get the URL of your playlist.xml file, you must find the url of your site which is in the right hand corner of your file manager page.

Once you have that url, you must copy it and then add “/playlist.xml ” to the end without quotes. So mine would look like . You then take the url and paste it where is says "http://pathto/playlist.xml" Completely overwrite that with the url of your playlist.xml file. BUT DO NOT PASTE PAST THE "&" OR BEFORE THE “playList=”.

My code ended up being:

Adding Code to Myspace

Now, copy the code that you have just created and paste it into your "About Me" section of your myspace profile. Click preview, then submit, and your flash player should download the first song and start playing!
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