Manual Submit Button
If you've edited your profile, but now your Submit button has disappeared from the Preview page, then this is for you!!

The Easy Way If you are using Internet Explorer, simple click below to add a Manual Submit Button to your favourites list.
Add Manual Submit Button to Favourites

If you are using Firefox/Netscape etc... drag the following link to your favourites window.
Myspace Submit Button

The Hard Way!
(For if the above didn't work for you!)

Step One
: Creating a Manual Submit button
Sometimes, when editing your profile with some advanced codes, the 'Submit' button disappears from the Preview screen, so to counter this we have to create a manual submit button, or bookmarklet.

Note: This process is for Internet Explorer, and is slightly different in other browsers, but the principle is the same throughout/

Firstly, open the Favourites tab (shown below) and hit the 'Add' button.

The screen shown below will appear, type in 'Manual Submit' and hit OK. The bookmarklet will now appear in your bookmark list.

Right-click on the bookmarklet and go to 'Properties'. The following screen will appear. Change the value of URL to exactly how it appears below, and hit OK.

The following screen will appear, simply click Yes

Your bookmarklet is now created and ready for use! You can use this button anytime you make a significant change to your profile, and are unable to press the 'Submit' button as a result!

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